AMAZING Blueberry Muffins!

These are the most amazing blueberry muffins I have ever tasted! The blueberries melt in your mouth with every single bite, the muffin itself is soft and moist with an almost cakey texture that leaves you wanting WAY more than just one.

Homemade Waffles

Soft and Fluffy on the inside- Crunchy and perfect on the outside! This is the easiest and best waffle batter recipe. I love a good crunchy waffle with either sweet or savory items on top of them, they are more versatile than pancakes.

Homemade Cinnamon Rolls

Warm, Comforting, and Delicious! Cinnamon Rolls are a staple in our household, the kids and I love making them together on the weekends or for a treat randomly in the middle of the week.

Empaths/Sensitives: Precognitive Dreams

Empaths and Sensitives!?!?! Now I am sure that if you have been following my posts about Deism you are probably a bit confused as to why I am even talking about all of this, why it is that I, who identify as a deist would even entertain something like this… Well, let me say this, even with logic and reason there are somethings about this world around us, that have no true definition, somethings that have to be taken on …. wait for it…. FAITH.


Isolation is hard! Many are being forced into self isolation here recently with the Covid-19 outbreak reaching its Global Pandemic status. Which is taking its toll on many who are outgoing, fun loving, adventure seeking personality types. While the more introverted people are okay with being at home, people like myselfโ€ฆ It is still hard not to be able to go out and get simple things that are essential to oneโ€™s live and family.


Social Distancing is keeping yourself and your family away from large crowds of people. Avoiding areas where crowds may appear in upwards of 50+ people. The current suggestion is to limit the exposure to 10 people or less if you have to go out and run errands. And then, if you do have to go out try to keep at least 6 ft between you and the other people around you. Which letโ€™s face it is hard to do, especially if you are waiting in line at the grocery store to get toilet paper or even meat, both of which are in super high demand at the moment and most stores cannot keep up with that demand. Shelves everywhere have begun to become bare and many products are in short supply.