Isolation: Update & Tips

So, today we are looking into week three of our personal isolation, as I said before my husband started earlier than some here in GA/the US. I am very thankful that has company saw the need to send everyone home, and to have them start working from home when they did. We have been blessed to have him here with us and not in the office. Couple that together with our kids are homeschooled online and it has been a huge piece of mind all the way around. Yes, even as a Deist, I believe in blessings <3

Why I stopped dying my hair

I am now 36 years old and about to turn 37, I have a 16 almost 17 year old daughter and I am starting to see myself and things differently in the world around us. I have talked before about self love, but how can one truly do that and make that message loud and clear, without embracing everything about themselves? Then it came to me, if I am to teach this to my daughter and have her fully believe it, I need to embrace all of me… White/ Grey hair & all!

5 Tips to help you balance your life.

Balance is something that many of us struggle with maintaining in our everyday lives. It can be hard to juggle those roles you fill in your family, such as wife, mother, and at times the sole provider.

How Does A Deist Find Comfort?

Over the past couple of months, my family and I have faced some rather hard times and issues. I am sure that many of you wonder how exactly do I cope or find comfort. It is often hard for those who were brought up in the Christian faith to understand a Deist’s way of thinking. Which, is perfectly okay, many people can have different ways of looking at things and understanding them.

Filling In Holes: Past & Present

Family for a lot of us is supposed to be about those known to us, those we grow up with and grow old beside. But there are those of us who have massive holes and or questions about where we came from and who we really are. I am one of those people, who has a ton of questions and holes in the family history.


Ever heard the phrase “Believe Nothing You Hear, and Only One Half That You See.”, it is one of those things that for most make you pause and think for a bit. Is what this person saying to me the truth? Is what I saw the whole truth? Sometimes, we do not pause long enough to make those full and complete…

Be Strong

  This is one I live by, I strive to do my best in all things. Present the best version of myself to my children. I want my daughter to look at me and see my strength, my courage, my love, and my loud voice for things I believe in and see that it can…