Homesteading what is it?

Like the phrases living off the grid and self-reliance, homesteading might mean different things to different people. It really depends exactly on what you want to include in your lifestyle.

Activities, Classes, Book Readings & Tours : Part 1

Here is a HUGE list of things I have come across in the last couple of days that I think will be helpful for many families these activities, tours, exercises, classes, book readings and more are great for connecting you as a family and help pass the time. Over the next couple of days and weeks I will be making a lot of these posts, to help out families who are not used to homeschooling their kids, and may need a bit more in the resource department.


Isolation is hard! Many are being forced into self isolation here recently with the Covid-19 outbreak reaching its Global Pandemic status. Which is taking its toll on many who are outgoing, fun loving, adventure seeking personality types. While the more introverted people are okay with being at home, people like myself… It is still hard not to be able to go out and get simple things that are essential to one’s live and family.

Learning to heal, how do we do that?

Healing. That is a word that encompasses a lot of meaning for many different things. You can heal from physical things, emotional turmoil, and from your past. But what am I specifically thinking about today, in this moment? Healing from your past, we all have a past, some of ours are filled with all of the above that we need to learn to heal from. How can we do that? How can we heal from things that have happened to us

Why I stopped dying my hair

I am now 36 years old and about to turn 37, I have a 16 almost 17 year old daughter and I am starting to see myself and things differently in the world around us. I have talked before about self love, but how can one truly do that and make that message loud and clear, without embracing everything about themselves? Then it came to me, if I am to teach this to my daughter and have her fully believe it, I need to embrace all of me… White/ Grey hair & all!

Life Is A Spiritual Journey

person but what does that really mean, especially as someone who identifies as a Deist, how can those two things meld into one? Well, I hope to explain that a bit more in this post, not only for you my readers but for others as well who may be asking the same question.

Understanding & Acceptance

So the other day I was asked a question, it is a question that many ask every day, what do you believe happens after we die? Well, many of us believe in many things… From Christians believing that you go to Heaven or Hell depending on the way you have lived your life and if you have excepted Jesus into your life as your savior. To other beliefs in Heaven or Valhalla or whatever your beliefs determine is the end result of life after death.

Reconnecting & Being friends with an introvert.

As we grow older our relationships with our friends change just like time changes us. Sometimes, we out grow old friendships for one reason or the other, it happens. It can be because we have matured faster than others or our priorities change in life, whatever the case maybe, it does not sting any less to loose a connection with someone who you once held dear.

Life & it’s demands

Sometimes I feel as though I get stretched too thin, I am everyone’s support system, their rock, their sounding board, their go to when things get tough. Sometimes the thing that falls off my plate is me… like how does that even happen? How does one forget to take a moment to breathe, how does one forget to take a moment and just enjoy who they are?