What to do with those broken toys.

Broken toys, we all have them, lets face it and with that we often have the children who cannot let go of them. As a mother, I have noticed our children react to letting go of things differently. Each one has their own way of dealing with loss and separation; this can also flow into when it is time to clean up their room.

Activities, Classes, Book Readings & Tours : Part 1

Here is a HUGE list of things I have come across in the last couple of days that I think will be helpful for many families these activities, tours, exercises, classes, book readings and more are great for connecting you as a family and help pass the time. Over the next couple of days and weeks I will be making a lot of these posts, to help out families who are not used to homeschooling their kids, and may need a bit more in the resource department.

Learning to heal, how do we do that?

Healing. That is a word that encompasses a lot of meaning for many different things. You can heal from physical things, emotional turmoil, and from your past. But what am I specifically thinking about today, in this moment? Healing from your past, we all have a past, some of ours are filled with all of the above that we need to learn to heal from. How can we do that? How can we heal from things that have happened to us

Homemade Beignets

These amazingly pillow soft and fluffy fritters are amazingly simple and delicious! They give you a sense of a down-home Louisiana feel the moment you bite into them. These are a favorite with my family, everyone always gets excited when they are hearing that I am making them.

Life & it’s demands

Sometimes I feel as though I get stretched too thin, I am everyone’s support system, their rock, their sounding board, their go to when things get tough. Sometimes the thing that falls off my plate is me… like how does that even happen? How does one forget to take a moment to breathe, how does one forget to take a moment and just enjoy who they are?

Filling In Holes: Past & Present

Family for a lot of us is supposed to be about those known to us, those we grow up with and grow old beside. But there are those of us who have massive holes and or questions about where we came from and who we really are. I am one of those people, who has a ton of questions and holes in the family history.

The roles in a home

We are made wise not by the recollection of our past, but by the responsibility for our future. George Bernard Shaw We should not look to our past when we are making way for our future, and that includes how we raise our children, what we teach them and how we show them how to be…

Most Amazing Chicken Fingers EVER!

We decided to try and do this recipe one night on a whim, and we were glad we did! These turned out to be the best chicken fingers we have ever had and they are so simple to make. Ever since we started making these, it has been one of the most requested things from…

Ew! Children Are Gross

Sometimes when you are a parent you run into some really gross situations, which often involve some type of bodily function. I cannot tell you how many times as a mom I have been used as a personal tissue and or napkin. Despite all of my efforts to try and teach these children of mine that…

Mexican Chili Pie

This was one of those recipes that I made on the fly and it turned out to be a hit with the family.   It’s very similar to the Frito Pie. But more along the lines of an American-Mex Dish.   It is sure to be a crow pleaser for anyone who loves the taste of chili and…