Herbs, Spices, & Natural Healing Introduction.

Herbal healing with natural remedies, this is something people have been doing since the world for humans came to being. For thousands upon thousands of years, we as a species have learned what herbs, spices, teas, lotions, sauves, and other concoctions that work best for healing. Today we are going to scour the web and several other places for information on what really works. Who knows you might have some of these things already in your kitchen or even in your garden.

Introduction To Teas : Ancient Healing

Teas have been used in healing for centuries and across the globe, covering a vast ranges of cultures. They can help with a lot of things, from indigestion, anxiety, stress, sleep & so much more!

Some teas have proven health benefits and have been studied many times over, while others are still. relatively new. They have claims that have yet to be backed up by science & medicine.

Homesteading what is it?

Like the phrases living off the grid and self-reliance, homesteading might mean different things to different people. It really depends exactly on what you want to include in your lifestyle.

Roasted Root Vegetables with butter and herbs

Want a hearty side to go with your meal, something that is straight from the oven, with vibrant colors and tastes delicious? Then this is the perfect side for exactly that. Bright fall colors make this side appealing to the eye! The warm creaminess of the potatoes are met with a slight crunch of the carrot, while the herbs and butter keep it a savory and hearty delight. This is the perfect side for fall or winter months.

Parmesan Crusted Pork Chops

Crispy, Savory, Cheesy! This pork chops are a great way to take a classic staple item and mix it up. The crunchy texture of the cheese on top gives it an almost fried pork chop feel, but the butter and herbs make it more than that. This is a very simple meal that anyone can cook and feel like they are a chef. Kids and husband approved of this meal so much they asked when could I make it again!

Thai Influenced Chicken Lettuce Cups.

Who needs a fork?! Use your hands! The fresh vegetables give this dish an extra crunch and a delicious surprise, it is a great meal to help add to the menu and spice things up. Not only does this dish look pretty when it is plated, it is pleasantly filling too!

Mojito Lime- Butter Chicken

This meal is both savory and delicious, the warm buttery notes with a spice of mojito lime are perfect for any dinner occasion. It is a simple and easy recipe that is sure to be a crowd pleaser.

Sweet Heat & Herb Dry Rub: Slow & Low Ribs

These ribs have a sweetness and a slight heat to them with a slow-roasted feel from the oven. They come out juicy and with a nice crust on the outside. These make the perfect main dish or even an appetizer for a down-home meal. These ribs pair well with homemade mashed potatoes, corn, salad, or any fresh vegetable combo you can think of. Enjoy!