Social Distancing is keeping yourself and your family away from large crowds of people. Avoiding areas where crowds may appear in upwards of 50+ people. The current suggestion is to limit the exposure to 10 people or less if you have to go out and run errands. And then, if you do have to go out try to keep at least 6 ft between you and the other people around you. Which let’s face it is hard to do, especially if you are waiting in line at the grocery store to get toilet paper or even meat, both of which are in super high demand at the moment and most stores cannot keep up with that demand. Shelves everywhere have begun to become bare and many products are in short supply.

Learning to heal, how do we do that?

Healing. That is a word that encompasses a lot of meaning for many different things. You can heal from physical things, emotional turmoil, and from your past. But what am I specifically thinking about today, in this moment? Healing from your past, we all have a past, some of ours are filled with all of the above that we need to learn to heal from. How can we do that? How can we heal from things that have happened to us

Oh Dear… Life

Ever just have one of those days where nothing goes as planned or seems to go right?Β Yeah, that seems to be the case for me today or for the last couple of months. Don’t get me wrong, we have had some good points this year, but there have been some really trying ones too. They…

Food Allergy Awareness: Daniel’s Story

This is a post about my son Daniel, who is now 13 years old. It is a story about his journey through life with food allergies. Settle in for a bit, this is another long post. *Warning some language in some areas of this post* When I was pregnant with my middle child Daniel, I…

Continue on: Domestic Violence.

Before we get started with this rather serious topic allow me to say this entry may have trigger warnings: Also this is a rather lengthy post, so grab some coffee or tea and settle in. I shall start with a quote then I will jump into the heart of it all. Dost thou love life?…