Pagan Deism, Science is Magic & Magic is Science.

For as long as human beings have been able to form thoughts, religions, and create societies, there has been science and magic. One side usually being a stronger presence than the other in the timeline. However, there are sometimes, both sides show a heavy presence at the same point in time. What we consider science and what we consider magic, varies from person to person. It even varies from culture to culture.

Empaths/Sensitives: Precognitive Dreams

Empaths and Sensitives!?!?! Now I am sure that if you have been following my posts about Deism you are probably a bit confused as to why I am even talking about all of this, why it is that I, who identify as a deist would even entertain something like this… Well, let me say this, even with logic and reason there are somethings about this world around us, that have no true definition, somethings that have to be taken on …. wait for it…. FAITH.

Life Is A Spiritual Journey

person but what does that really mean, especially as someone who identifies as a Deist, how can those two things meld into one? Well, I hope to explain that a bit more in this post, not only for you my readers but for others as well who may be asking the same question.

Understanding & Acceptance

So the other day I was asked a question, it is a question that many ask every day, what do you believe happens after we die? Well, many of us believe in many things… From Christians believing that you go to Heaven or Hell depending on the way you have lived your life and if you have excepted Jesus into your life as your savior. To other beliefs in Heaven or Valhalla or whatever your beliefs determine is the end result of life after death.

How Does A Deist Find Comfort?

Over the past couple of months, my family and I have faced some rather hard times and issues. I am sure that many of you wonder how exactly do I cope or find comfort. It is often hard for those who were brought up in the Christian faith to understand a Deist’s way of thinking. Which, is perfectly okay, many people can have different ways of looking at things and understanding them.

I am a Deist

Ah, religion, an often heated topic by many; one where often people are very offended by the opinions and ideas of others who do not think as they do. **Possible trigger warning in this entry** Let me first give you a bit of my religious background and then we shall go from there, I was…


I am thankful for my ability to reason and think things through, We recently had some things happen in our little family that even though they were upsetting and heartbreaking, they needed me to be cool-headed and not jump right into action. I needed to take my time and see what was really best for…