Two Blogs

SO you are probably wondering…. What the heck, there are two different blogs? WELL here is the thing. I write a little about everything, from my beliefs, my family, my community, my views, cooking and everything in between! Occasionally there is content for one that doesn’t fit here so it goes over there… Or vice versa.

What are two parts to the UM Universe? Unconventional Momma [Which you have stumbled upon here] & LunaOwl <3

Think of Unconventional Momma, like the “light/real” side of myself, the part that deals with real issues, everyday real struggles, etc & Then think of LunaOwl as my creative outlet, my business, my random thoughts of the universe and all that is in it, and my coping with things that are otherwise out of this world & unexplainable.

For even with my reasoning & scientific thought there is still room for magic!