Alpen Gleaux: Review

Alpen Gleaux from JK Distro

So after watching some reviews & looking through the site, this one caught our eye due to it’s unique coloration. We thought about it and decided to purchase this with a few others to give them ago. We ground up some of the flower and loaded it into a pipe to see how the initial flower would taste without adding any papers in a joint or water in bong which can change the taste from time to time. The first impression was that it was a smooth hit with slight flavors that came through. So I took another hit & this time held it for a bit before exhaling.

The flavor notes picked up tremendously! Notes of a Dark Chocolate Covered Berry with a hint of almost a Rosemary Pine on the exhale. The flavor is delightful1 Sweet, Tangy, Earthy without being overwhelming or too dank/skunky. The aroma is pleasant too! All and all this was a very enjoyable smoke! Effects took about 10-15 mins to fully peak, which is not bad at all.

This would be a perfect all day smoke for me, it left me chill with a good vibe, eased off some of my inflammation in my hands & joints, all and all I can say I will purchase more of this for sure! Also- My husband agreed it left him feeling chill too and cut his anxiety down a lot, his hands stopped shaking and he was able to get back to work with no issues, focus was not affected at all and he was concentrating like a champ! Totally ounce worthy in our opinion!

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