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My family and I have been practicing social isolation and distancing since March 11th. We are doing our part to help flatten the curve. With that being said here are a few instances where we went out in search of supplies for our family and what we observed while we were out.

Below is part of a few facebook check in updates, that I do with my family and friends. I am including them in this post so you can get a feel for what we have experienced in a real life setting, so to speak. I did make mention of one of the posts here in the article Isolation: Updates & Tips, which you can read here:

March 27th, 2020

We made a grocery/store run, which probably the worst for me so far….. Let me explain that a bit….Can we just talk about how as an A.D.D/ADHD person who tends to self sooth unknowingly by touching their face, that this is really HARD! When out in public for shopping for groceries, which has been very limited I might add, I have to keep my hands otherwise engaged to keep from touching my face. I steer the cart with my forearms and elbows, then interlock my hands together to keep them in place. Then in my head I have constantly remind myself…. DON’T TOUCH YOUR FACE! Ever notice how much your face itches or a hair gets out of place when you can’t touch your face?! It drives me up the wall, my OCD and A.D.D/ADHD go haywire… then the sensory overload starts kicking in. This is part of the reason I have not been going out and getting groceries or other things for the family, it is all I can to do contain myself and my tics when I do go out.

I managed not to touch my face at all until I got home, but then I had to scrub my face and hands  I even had to say outloud a couple of times in the store… DON’T TOUCH YOUR FACE JESS….. of course people walking by gave me some looks… but you know what… I don’t care. Hopefully, this will get easier, hopefully I won’t have to yell at myself in public again….

We got more baking stuff, fish…[why are people not buying fish? Maybe, it is just my southern roots, telling me let’s fry some catfish yo!] and some other items we needed.

So here is how that went: We went to two places only.

Kroger: We were asked at Kroger if owned restaurant, the other cashier looked at our stuff and then asked if we had kids…

I said: YES! three teenagers. To which ALL THREE CLERKS AT ONE REGISTER …. yes, you read that right… laughed. I went with the joking but was not happy they were all clustered together, while the clerk behind me bumped into me.  I wish people were taking it more seriously.

BIG LOTS on the other hand, the poor guy standing up there at the register was behind a makeshift face shield from one of the display things in the store. I was glad to see this and wished we had seen it at Kroger too.

Hopefully, by using what we have at home and using our skills to cook, we can avoid going back to the store this week and most of next week. I think that is all for now LOL Hope you are all having an easier time with this than I am. Don’t mind the people talking or coaxing themselves through this in the store, we are okay, I promise! But if you feel we need kind words of encouragement, those are always welcomed  Just no touchy! 

Here is another checkin I did on Facebook yesterday:

April 5th. 2020

We went to the Dollar Tree and Kroger and let me just say once we were done, I felt the strong urge to come home, strip down and take a shower. I have never been much for crowds in the first place and this whole thing sends my OCD into overdrive in some ways. There were so many people out today that were not wearing any sort of PPE or just using it WRONG… Like this one girl had on vinyl gloves with her long acrylic nails puncturing each finger tip…. Another girl had her mask under her nose. Ladies hate to break it to you, but that is not how this works.Michael and I both had the scarf masks over our N95 masks that we had left over from our living room drywall adventures…I had gloves with us and antibacterial wipes for the doors, baskets, and for wiping down our hands and the car doors/anything we touched. Not only was it hot, it made me dread the summer days coming.  Totally not looking forward to summer right now. We do not take the kids out with us when we go, but I do have masks and scarves for them should we NEED to all go out.

With that being said, there is a right and wrong way to use PPE or Personal Protective Equipment:

For instance, the two ladies as stated above in my post from social media, and hundreds of others out there, are not using their PPE in the correct way that is most beneficial to keeping them and their families safe. It was released the other day that we are now advised to use PPE when we go out and get supplies for our families. HOWEVER, the president himself makes a direct contradictory statement following the release and the advice of the CDC.

President Trump said on Friday that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention was urging all Americans to wear a mask when they leave their homes, but he immediately undercut the message by repeatedly calling the recommendation voluntary and saying that he would not wear one himself.


Medical personnel around the world, the CDC, and the WHO, all advise us to please use some form of PPE, and that is good enough for me, personally. Although, the usage of PPE only works to protect you if it is used properly.

Here are some examples of some PPE that I am sure many of you have seen while you are out and about or even on social media.

Here are some steps to make sure you are using your PPE properly:

  • Masks: Make sure whatever mask or face shield you are using fits snuggly to your face and covers your mouth and nose. Do not pull the mask down under your nose or down under your chin. Only remove the mask when you are in your car, if you fully remove it in the car, make sure you have another mask to replace it, if you are going someplace else. You can also wait to take it off when you get home.
  • Whatever mask you choose to use, make sure you can breathe through the material with some ease. BUT also make sure you test the homemade masks so that spray/particles do not pass through it, you can test this with a mist function on a spray bottle to simulate a sneeze or a cough.
  • If you sneeze or cough inside your mask, do not remove it until you can replace it with a fresh mask. Dispose of it as soon as you get a replacement mask.
  • Gloves: Make sure the gloves you use on your hands are suitable for the activity you have planned. Vinyl gloves are good for a quick run to the store, but not for all day usage. Also make sure that you are not allergic to the type of material the gloves are made out of. That is the last thing you want is an allergic reaction on top of everything else.
  • If you are using gloves, please be mindful of cross contamination and compromised gloves with holes or punctures in them from rings or fingernails.
  • Also, just because you have on gloves, does not mean that it is okay to touch your face, once you have touched something with your gloved hand, that glove is contaminated.
  • Once you have used the PPE items of your choice, please, dispose of them properly. Do not leave them in the middle of the parking lots or on the floors of the stores. Dispose of them in a trash can or a shopping bag to be placed in a trash receptacle.

In addition to using PPE properly make sure you are washing your hands and trying hard not to touch your face!

I cannot stress this enough.

If you cannot wash your hands in the moment; that is fine, however, carry with you wipes- hand sanitizer- antibacterial wipes. Wipe down carts/baskets before you touch them. Wipe down keypads or door handles to coolers, before touching them Be very aware of what you are touching and wipe down anything you think you may have contaminated or that others may have. Common sense goes a long way, when you are thinking about how to protect yourself and others from getting sick. But when it doubt, wipe it down.

I came across these helpful infographics the other day to help give people an idea of what materials at home they can use to create masks at home.

Even more of a lockdown!

Our City, Our County, and Our State have all issued a stay/shelter in place now. Things are getting very serious.

There are a select number of places that you can go when a stay at home order is issued.

“In Gwinnett, Board of Commissioners Chairman Charlotte Nash and the mayors of the county’s 16 cities issued stay-at-home orders for their jurisdictions, according to a press release.Under the orders, Gwinnett residents may leave their homes “to conduct activities that are essential to their own health and safety and that of family/household members, partners, significant others and pets,” according to the press release.Essential activities include, but are not limited to: getting food, medication and medical supplies, household consumer supplies and health care services or caring for a family member or pet in another household. The Gwinnett order says people can engage in outdoor activities, like walking, running or bicycling. But they must comply with social-distancing requirements.”


So in the stay at home/ Shelter in Place actions provided by all of our forms of government here is the quick take away from it. You are not to leave your house hold unless it is for work or for supplies for your essential daily life. Period. No leaving the cities you live in, or counties, in some areas.

Approved places that are OK:

Grocery Stores are OK

Pharmacies are OK

Doctor’s office is OK

Gas Station is OK

Vet Appointments are OK

Things that are NOT OK


SHOPPING OTHER THAN ESSENTIAL NEEDS IS NOT OK Such as Lowe’s & Home Depot, they have delivery services people.Just about all the BIG Market/BIG box stores have delivery services!

Nail Salons are NOT OK

Salons and Barber Shops are NOT OK

Tattoo Studios are NOT OK

Gatherings are NOT OK


Visiting people IS NOT OK

Leaving your city for anything other than work NOT OK

With all that being said above, the State has said, anyone not complying can and will be prosecuted for failure to adhere to the guidelines and or mandates that are not set in place. So if you do have to go out for supplies like we did, or you do have to go to work because you are deemed an essential employee, please be mindful of what you are doing. Please be mindful of your PPE and of your own actions. We cannot continue to be so flippant about things right now, it is not over blown, it is not a media conspiracy, there is a real pandemic at hand. If you do not protect yourself and your loved ones, there is a huge possibility of the virus making its way into your home. I have seen people I know, have loved ones come down with the virus and even seen them lose their lives. We have to do more as a county, we have to do more as communities, we have to do more as families, we have to do more as individuals. We are not in this alone, no we are all in this together.


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