Why I stopped dying my hair

So, this was not an easy decision for me to make, for one i have been dying my hair since I was 14. Why? You may ask. Well, when I was 14 I started getting white hair! I was constantly teased about it by friends and other kids in school, and it really started to bother me, hence when the hair dye started.

Reasons: The price and maintenance, not worth it! Embracing myself as a whole not just pieces!

Well I am now 36 years old and about to turn 37, I have a 16 almost 17 year old daughter and I am starting to see myself and things differently in the world around us. I have talked before about self love, but how can one truly do that and make that message loud and clear, without embracing everything about themselves? Then it came to me, if I am to teach this to my daughter and have her fully believe it, I need to embrace all of me… White/ Grey hair & all!

Now, it has been a struggle for me to become at peace with it being so grey & white, I had not realized how much of it had actually changed over the years. I can say that yesterday when I took the photo above, I had a moment when I was truly liking what I saw. It can be hard for anyone who is getting old to come to terms with not only their bodies changing on the inside but out as well.

I don’t wear makeup very often any more, only for when I feel the need calls for it, to be honest. I have come to embrace a more natural appearance . I feel the world around us makes such a big deal on beauty, but often they forget to embrace the natural beauty of a person too! Makeup and hair dye may define some people, but it does not define me as a person. If we are to truly love ourselves, we should all take a moment to look at ourselves barefaced and natural. If we love ourselves in that moment, we can truly say that we have self love.

When you have children, lessons in life come in many forms, as I reminded someone of yesterday. And for me and my own daughter, this has been a powerful for both of us. She looked at me yesterday and said “Momma, I love your hair!” She then proceeded to play with it and braid it for me. It was a moment where I smiled and said ” You know what baby, I do too!”

I was noticing as I started this process, that I would catch myself staring in the mirror, wondering if it makes me look way older than I am or if it is appealing to others. Well, yesterday, my husband looked at me and said “There is my love, my sexy-sexy love.” and it filled me with such joy and happiness <3 There I was with messy end of day hair, no makeup, tired after a long day, and he still thought those things about me with my grey/white hair.

So what does this mean, was I looking for validation? Possibly a bit, but the funny thing was earlier in the day I had made my peace with myself and not really said anything about it to him or to my daughter. I think they both sensed that something inside me personally was a bit different, am I carrying myself differently? Who knows, but what I do know for sure is that they noticed and that it is showing. I will continue to teach my daughter lessons in life that I hope she carries with her in her heart for the rest of her years.

I urge you my readers, to think about how you can truly embrace yourself as well. Think about how you can teach someone without words but actions. Bring into the world your light and your love 100%

Me and My Daughter

Until next time,


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