Homemade Beignets

When our children were little we watched the Princess and the Frog, the Disney movie, together and one of the scenes that stuck out in my head was when Lottie is asking Tia to make her famous Man-Catching Beignets to help her catch the prince. After watching it I had to know what these were! I went to the computer and quickly googled “What is a beignet?” then I searched for how to make them. Now let me just say, my first attempt at making them with my children was comedic and a bit horrible. We had round dark globs that were not completely cooked. But, we did not let that stop us from trying again. I researched several different ways and methods of making them, and today I am sharing the best way we have found to make your own famous “Man-Catching Beignets” Hope you enjoy!

Remember to keep your oil between 350 and 400 degrees F if you see they are getting too dark turn the heat down and allow the oil to cool down a bit before adding more of the dough.
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