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So the other day I was asked a question, it is a question that many ask every day, what do you believe happens after we die? Well, many of us believe in many things… From Christians believing that you go to Heaven or Hell depending on the way you have lived your life and if you have excepted Jesus into your life as your savior. To other beliefs in Heaven or Valhalla or whatever your beliefs determine is the end result of life after death.

There is no right or wrong answer in my book, we are free to chose the religion, doctrine, dogma, or even philosophy that fits us individually. I look at some people and I have to shake my head as some feel the need to belittle others in what they have chosen to believe in life. Is it really for us to judge one another to such degrees? No. It is not up to us to decided what way is right, what way is wrong, that Johnny and Timmy are perfect angels going to Heaven while Val and Allan are heathens and are doomed…

It is one of those discussions that I myself often try to avoid having with people, why you may ask, well it is simple… not many outside of those I have met in “Heathen Communities” as we are often labeled by Christians, fully understand.

I believe in Karma, I believe in good and bad, just and wrong, there might be a possible Heaven and there might be a possible Hell. Being a person who has reason and faith in the spiritual aspects of life, I am considered a “Spiritual Deist or Even a Pagan Deist.” Yes, that is a thing. I am not a polytheist or a polydeist as I believe in one supreme being, one main God as our creator and the creator of the universe. I believe we are to live our lives in a moral and just way, and for that we are rewarded not only in our lives as we live them but that we are also rewarded within our soul’s placement within the universe after we die.

Another question I was asked recently was this: Do I believe in reincarnation? Well, I am not sure this one has a simple answer either. For the laws of science say this: Energy can neither be created or destroyed, it can only be transferred.

The first law of thermodynamics, also known as Law of Conservation of Energy, states that energy can neither be created nor destroyedenergy can only be transferred or changed from one form to another. For example, turning on a light would seem to produce energy; however, it is electrical energy that is converted.

From this understanding of our souls being energy that we expel upon our deaths, it is highly possible that such a thing like reincarnation does indeed exist. There have been numerous cases throughout history of people remembering past lives, though generally only seen in children, it has happened in adults too.

As an individual with my understandings of life as I have experienced thus far, I do not think it is for any of us to truly understand EVERYTHING in the cosmos or in the heavens. I think perhaps, one day, that we as a civilization may come to a general consciousness/understanding about life, the afterlife, and all things that encompass it.


the ability to understand something; comprehension.


sympathetically aware of other people’s feelings; tolerant and forgiving.

having insight or good judgment.

As a Spiritual Deist there is no dogma, there is no religion to subscribe to. However, there are works written by others who have similar understandings about the world and the cosmos around us. They are not meant to be like the Bible, the Koran, or even like to Ride a Silver Broomstick. No, they are not meant to be a doctrine, they are meant to be insights into a way of thinking and a way of life that is not filled with constant scrutiny and judgement. Even though we as Deist may not see eye to eye with your choices we respect them as just, your choices. We might ask you to explain them, we may ask for you to give us proof and or facts as to why you believe the way you do… but we will not tell you, your beliefs are wrong.

This is one of the things I thoroughly enjoy about being a deist, that I have so many people who think outside that box, that ask questions, that discuss things without hate or disdain covering their words and faces. There are many subsections of the Deism philosophy, each subsection as unique and wonderful as the next, full of philosophies, ideas, and theories.

I see our creator, our God in everything around me, from the trees to the water and the dirt at my feet. In the animals, the insects, and the air that surrounds me, and in this observance of nature, in its awe of its splendor I find my church, my temple, my center, and put my soul at ease. I am at my most calm as an individual when I am surrounded by nature and the sound of water near by. Through this calm it is how I came to be at ease with my thoughts, my choices, my life.

For I personally believe that we as we pass away, are committed back to the earth and our soul back to the cosmos around us. Should we have lived a just and moral life, our souls will find their place among the Stars in Heaven if you will. However, should we have lived our lives in an unjust and immoral way, our souls are doomed to be lost. But that isn’t a definite answer now is it? No, I am afraid it isn’t a 100% answer that you may have been looking for. Perhaps this excerpt from the Modern Deist will explain it a little better.

Do Deists Believe in an “Afterlife”

I Believe We are Energetic Beings
Anyone answering this question with a flat yes or no, simply isn’t qualified to answer this question.  The question itself stems from the belief that a church, holy book or organization is supposed to tell its members what to believe and how to believe it.
In its’ simplest form Deism is simply an understanding that a God/Creator exists and we can determine that with reason and logic.  The more we examine the universe, physics and science the more, not less real God becomes.
Your fellow Deists then leave it to you to use your reason and your God given logic to determine what that means to you in your life and frankly there after.  Hence the answer to the above question is some do, some don’t and those that do have a lot of different views as to what it might be like.
So the only honest way I can answer this question is to tell you what I personally believe.  First I believe in some type of afterlife, I would call it more a continuation of life.  I certainly do not believe in either the heaven or hell of the revealed religions.
Neither make sense in any real way, they are completely ridiculous if we use logic and reason to consider them.  There are many reasons though that I personally believe that some part of our consciousness continues after death, some include…

Science has discovered that humans and all life indeed has a field of energy that exists outside of and around the body and this field has a real effect on us both mentally and physically.  There is even evidence via experimentation that some or even most of our memories may exist in this field and the brain is more of a receiver then say a hard drive.  If you want to learn more about this I recommend the film “The Living Matrix“.
The many reports of near death experiences specifically from people who were clinically dead.  While revealed religions hold up cases of visions of heaven and hell as proof of their paradigm, many people have had completely different experiences, this leads me to believe we create our own realities on this plane at least for a time as a coping mechanism.
I have personally experienced OBEs (out of body experiences).  I am not someone who says I can do it at will and I believe most who claim so are frauds.  It only happened twice to me but I remember both times vividly.  I am also a “lucid dreamer” and know a dream from an actual experience.  All I can say is you have to experience this to understand it.  During one of my OBEs I didn’t meet God or any entities, I just moved around my home, looked at my son sleeping in bed and returned to my body.  Another time I simply “walked” around my apartment and saw myself sleeping on my couch, when I touched myself the reentry and awaking was abrupt.  In both experiences there was a level of vibration experienced that is so unique it is unmistakable.
The very fact that a life force even exists is something that tells me it likely continues after the body dies.  If you kill a person dead even in a way that is as gentle as can be done and leave them dead long enough there is no way to “revive them”.  You can hook their body up to machines, pump their blood, make their heart beat make every body system “function” mechanically.  If you scratch the arm of someone in this state nothing will heal it, no bandage, no drug, no suture, no nothing.  Only the life force can do something as mundane as heal a scratch.
The first law of thermodynamics tells us “that energy cannot be created or destroyed, only converted from one form to another”.  If our life is energetic, if our conscious is energetic and we know that they indeed are the energy itself can not be destroyed, its form may change but it will continue to exist.
These are my reasons, well just a few of them.  On the next post I will tell you what I think an afterlife or better stated a continuation of existence might be like.

From http://moderndeist.org/do-deists-believe-in-an-afterlife The Church of the Modern Deist

Allow me to end with this, I accept you and I understand that you may not believe as I do. I am okay with that! But are you okay with accepting and understanding others?

Until Next Time.



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