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Sorry for the radio silence here lately, you know how life can get sometimes… Hang with me for a few, grab a cup of coffee or tea and settle in for a long read.

I mean with the kids starting school back , more issues with the house, family, old friends coming back into the picture, animals, finding work to do inside the home…. it all can be a bit much from time to time.

We have several things going on right now, I have picked up some recruiting positions for working at home. We have two kids in HIGH SCHOOL.. when did that happen?! Our third is in his last year of middle school. It is enough to make you feel ancient. Did I mention they are all home schooled? Well, they are. We do Georgia Cyber Academy, and have for years now.

We had the upstairs bathroom give us issues, which is just another project to add to the never-ending list of to-do’s. The house it self drives me bonkers, we have spent all our savings and had to get a grant to fix all the flood damage… AND STILL it is not done.

Let’s see, what else… Oh yes! I am interviewing for two other companies this week for work at home positions, working on my photography, running a job board we created, and trying to get back to you my readers. I think all of this is a product of my ADD, where I feel the need to do 100000000000 things all at once. I hyper focus on each one individually, then move on to the next. Sometimes it works out and other times, I accidentally let something fall of the plate… Sometimes it’s taking care of myself, sometimes it is housework, sometimes its projects like my blog.. I need to learn to pace myself, set up a functional routine for everything I do.

Sometimes I feel as though I get stretched too thin, I am everyone’s support system, their rock, their sounding board, their go to when things get tough. Sometimes the thing that falls off my plate is me… like how does that even happen? How does one forget to take a moment to breathe, how does one forget to take a moment and just enjoy who they are?

Well, its simple, Moms /Wives do a lot. We support our children and husbands, we fight for everyone and pick them up when they fall down. I am just thankful that sometimes when I let myself fall off my own plate, that my husband picks me up and places me on his, so to speak. He reminds me that I too need care, love and support.

I often think to myself, how much of this is really going to matter in the long run? How much of this actually matters at all? Is it really important to stress over some of these things? Is this just a part of life to live 90- nothing and stress? Then I take a look at my children, they are growing up well adjusted, fed, cared for, and loved. As I look at them and my husband, I take a much needed deep breath and smile. Sometimes, the things that stress us out, are minor and sometimes they are major. It is up to us to decipher which ones need more attention. Which ones can take a back burner and chill. Now, I know, not everything needs attention, not everything needs to be stressed about. However, when you have ADD and OCD, sometimes it is all you can do to keep from letting them control you.

What can you do to help yourself if you find you are in a situation like this?Well, what I do is I make lists! Lists help me, writing things down to make sure the important things get done. I have several little notebooks that I use. One is for bills, one is for grocery shopping and planning, and the other is for the house and its many projects. Keeping them organized and in their own contained area really helps me focus on the things that need to be done. Now, this is not to say that this is fool proof… no, nothing is. 😉 But it does help me out tremendously!

And as I have stated before in some of my posts, sometimes you have to delegate tasks to others. You have to relinquish control and give it over to someone who is thoroughly capable of doing said tasks. Like CHORES! If you have children that are old enough, by all means let them do some of the chores. It won’t hurt them I promise! In fact chores help them learn how to do things for them selves, so that one day… they will be able to maintain their own household.

Doing those two things, make it so I can step back, I can breathe, and I can put myself back on my plate. They are simple things, but they really to help me give myself not only extra time in the day, but piece of mind too. If it is written down, I won’t forget it instantly, and if our kids help with the house then I do not feel so overwhelmed at the end of the day.

Whatever it is that helps you, put yourself back on your plate, no matter how small it may seem.. do it! Do not hesitate to make lists, ask for help, or even just take a moment and read a much needed novel while taking a bubble bath. Enjoy your self, slow down, and breathe! I know I will.

Until next time!


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