5 Tips to help you balance your life.

Balance is something that many of us struggle with maintaining in our everyday lives. It can be hard to juggle those roles you fill in your family, such as wife, mother, and at times the sole provider.

No matter what the role is you try to stretch yourself to make sure that everyone is taken care of and has what they need. Sometimes, this comes at a price, often leaving yourself out of the equation.

Balance is not something that you can achieve overnight. Rather, it is something that takes a lifetime to figure out for most. Balance is something that takes a lot of work for many people. If you find yourself struggling to balance your life, don’t worry you are not alone.

I have put together a small list of tips that can help you when you feel like your balance in life is slipping. Some of the tips are from personal experience, while others are taken from articles I have read over the years.

  • Prioritize
  • Define
  • Center
  • Reassess
  • Dream

Prioritize- Now what does this mean exactly? Well, it is simple enough if you break it down. Pick the things that are most important to you and focus on them first. As you can see from the excerpt below, there are many different ways to look at this.

Creating balance isnโ€™t about cramming in as many things as you can in your everyday life. It is about examining what is important (and what isnโ€™t) and evaluating how much time and energy you should invest in things that matter to you. Is it really necessary to answer work email while youโ€™re at a family dinner party? Is buying that fancy fragrance more important than saving money for a down payment on your dream home? Assess your priorities regularly to stay focused, effectively manage your time, and prevent burnout. -Frobes. Noma Nazish

Another way to look at this tip is to take a moment and ask yourself a series of questions. By doing this you can really see what means more to you. These questions, of course, vary from person to person. Only you really know what those questions are, and what your answer will be for each one.

  • Is that 50+ hour workweek really worth all the time away from your family?
  • Is it really necessary to buy name brand everything?
  • Is it important to you?
  • Do you need it or want it?

Define- What does this mean? Well, you have to define what balance means for you personally. Balancing your life does not mean achieving inner peace or ultimate calm within your life, and let’s face it, life is chaos for most of us. Defining what balance means to you is a very intricate part of it all. You have to know exactly what it means to you to feel balanced, and it is only something you, yourself can answer.

Center- Centering yourself, will help create balance in your life in many ways. You can center yourself in religion, in spirituality, and in your daily life. Whatever way you choose to find your center, your peace of mind, your calm in your daily life around you; make sure that it is something you can hold on to.

Reassess- Look back on tip one often, that way as life changes around you, you can always grow with it. Always remember that it is perfectly okay to reassess and change your priorities as needed.

Dream- Dreaming and making goals for your life are always encouraged in my book. You can never have too many dreams! Also, remind yourself that you are never too old to pursue those dreams you have.

Always, remember that to find balance within your life that it will take time, that it is a journey for us all. Sometimes we will struggle, sometimes we will fall, but ultimately the journey is one worth taking.

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