11 Meals for $100 or Less

For those looking for a list of budget-friendly meals, I have gone through and picked out some of our favorite low-cost meals. These meals are easy and affordable. There is also a huge bonus to them too, they can feed a family of 4 or more if you utilize your ingredients and your know-how.

1: Chili [ With homemade from scratch corn bread]

2: Easy Chicken Tacos [Crockpot cook the chicken breasts, then shred the chicken]

3: Goulash [ with veggies on the side]

4: Chicken & Rice [ with veggies on the side and homemade from scratch biscuits]

5: Breakfast Burritos [with toppings and hashbrowns]

6: Hamburger Soup [ With fried from scratch cornbread]

7: Grilled Cheeses and Tomato Soup with basil and cheese
8: Eggs in a basket [With bacon and hashbrowns]

9: Spaghetti [Homemade sauce with garlic bread from scratch on the side]

10: Three cheese Quesadillas [Meat free, topped with sour cream and Salsa]

11: Dutch Baby Pancakes [From Scratch, with an apple crumble topping]

Money saver tip, go to the dollar tree for simple fillers 😉

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