The end of one year and beginning of a new.

So, Christmas has come and gone, the new year has rung itself in and here I am sitting here thinking about the things we went through as a family this past year. I am grateful the 2018 year has come to a close officially and that 2019 gives us a place to start over in some aspects.

Of course this is the time of year many make those New Year’s resolutions, some will stick to them and feel accomplished, while others start them off with a sense of urgency but never really fully commit themselves 100% to the resolutions.

I, for one have never been on board with making resolutions, for my self, let me be clear on that part. I do not feel I have to set it down in certain formats or goal structures for it to be an intricate part of my New Year.

What do I do in place of a resolution you might ask… Well, I make a to do list or a wish list for the year. Sometimes it is simply a mental list and other times I write it down. These are things that I may or may not get to do through out the year but it would be nice to accomplish them or just to have those experiences checked off.

How does this differ from your typical New Year’s Resolutions? Well let me explain it this way. Where you might say I am going to lose weight this year and eat healthy, toss out all your junk food, make meal plans, join a gym, and possibly stick with it or… not. I look at it this way. I am constantly working on myself inside and out, it is not something that I decided one year I needed to change things, nope it is an on going journey for me. Especially after I had back surgery. Or if you have a resolution to be more kind to others and less judgemental, well that is a great one for sure, however I also look at it like this. Shouldn’t you be more like that all the time, shouldn’t you live your life as an example and push positive vibes and kindness out into the world? Shouldn’t it be something that your practice all your life and not just some sudden, AH HA moment on New Years eve or Day? I believe, whole heartedly, that if you project kindness and caring into your every day life that one day it will be returned to you. Call it Karma if you want to or name it something else that makes sense to you, but having a solid moral basis in life and compassion for others is what makes being human worth it.

Moving on, I would like to share with you now some of my things on my to do list for the year, some of which are on going life goals/tasks and others we shall say are on my “Bucket List” [Everyone should have one]

  • Go somewhere I have never been before, this is an ongoing life goal for me and my husband. It is something we started doing with our little family after we started dating. We really took off with it and put more effort into this after I had my back surgery in 2014. I grew tired of bed rest and needed out into the world. So we would pack up our cars with our camera gear and adventure out to places we had never been before. Not only does it create a sense of adventure, but it also gives you a chance to connect with the world around you, in ways you never thought of. I always say I connect with nature and with my God on a deeper level when I am out exploring the world around me, when I can see creation first hand. Long drives and being out in the woods, in the mountains, or on a dirt road, where ever our journeys bring us, it brings me closer to what makes my soul at ease.
  • Continue to work on ME. This includes but is not limited to health both mental and physical. Again this is an ongoing life goal and mission for myself. For so long, I believed, I mean truly believed that I as a person was worthless. There are many things that contributed to this, including the abandonment and loss of a parent at a young age. Failed relationships outside of the family and then a failed marriage. All of these things made me question everything about me personally, which as many of you know can be an unhealthy outlook for you on a physical and mental level. It was not until I moved back to Georgia and was a Mom of three, that I began to see my worth as a person… like honestly and truly feel that I was not worthless after all. That I indeed have a purpose, that purpose was to be a mother. To be the rock and foundation that these three humans needed. Our journey is always continuing, and believe me, it is not always an easy one, but it is TOTALLY WORTH IT.
  • Write, often and frequently. Goodness, this one is something that I struggle with some days, either with motivation or inspiration. I have been writing stories, poems, books, and many other things since I was a little girl. I am told when I was little and not able to write for myself that I would tell my mother to write it down for me. The stories would pour out of me like a fountain, the worlds I would create were endless in their seas of words. I have won several awards over the years for my writing. Though I tend to ramble, my thoughts often jumbled, and disconnected, I need to create these stories, tell them, and tell my own story while I am at it.
  • Utilize my talents. This includes but not limited to my photography and graphic designs. Fall back into what I know how to do, and do well. Get back to what makes me truly happy, not the business of it all but the creation of art. This is one, where life often throws a wrench in my way and says, NOPE… you have more important things to do. You need to focus on things that are not considered hobbies by most. Even though like with my writing I have won awards for my art and photography too, it is something I put on the back burner when my family needs me the most.
  • Cook, learn more things to cook, learn new ways to inspire others with my cooking. I love to cook! Not only is it fun for me to cook with my husband, but I love to cook with my children, and just in general. Oh and the joy of watching someone take a bite of something you just cooked, that pure joy and simplistic nature is amazing.

Okay now that the on going to do lists are out of the way let’s get to the random fun ones, these are things I have marked on my bucket list, things that I might not get to immediately but I will get to one day. Some are just fun and others are goals we are working towards, you know like for when we are “Old and Crazy/er” as my husband likes to say.

  • Snorkel in a bay of clear water
  • Roller Coaster a mountain path [Have you seen these? If not I suggest.
  • Travel the east coast from top to bottom.
  • Do a tour of haunted destinations.
  • Find abandoned and forgotten towns.
  • Publish a book series
  • Open an Art Gallery & Coffee Shop/Bookstore
  • Own a ranch with lots of animals & create an animal rescue
  • Stay in weird themed hotels
  • Road trips!!! Lots of them!
  • Perfect bread making
  • Work on food photography and astrophotography

There are so many things that are on my list of to do in life, so many that it is hard to list every single one of them, but I hope that my outlook will help some of you out there to see that you do not always need a resolution when the new year comes about. You can add things to your goals that you want to do or improve upon as on going goals .

Tell me about some of your goals or stories about how you untraditional do the new year. I would love to hear from some of my readers.

Until next time,


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