Sibling Prank, The Great Cinnamon Roll Disaster.

Brothers and sisters can say things to one another that no one else can.      

Gregory E. Lang

We all have that one sibling who liked to play pranks on us, for me it was my eldest sister who used to play pranks on me and for my own children it is my youngest who is usually responsible for the pranking in our household.  My sister used to think it was pretty cool to make milk come squirting out my nose while she made me laugh, looking back they are pretty humorous events but at the time it was not very funny, because it burned my nose something awful. I think my youngest has followed in her pranking ways, he often likes to do little pranks on his siblings and on us as well. He is full of humor and mischief, which at times when he was younger made him a handful, you never knew what to expect from him.

One of his pranks he probably will never live down occurred on one April Fools Day, several years ago, he thought he would take and put some salt into our powdered sugar. Well, to his disappointment I did not use the powdered sugar right away, in fact, it would be several months before I decided I had a recipe that needed it at all.

Fast forward to a couple of months when we decided we were going to make some homemade cinnamon rolls from scratch, my daughter and I rolled out the dough, prepped it, put them in the oven and then I proceeded to make the topping with powdered sugar included… I bet you can see where this is going. Well, we prepped everything for the sugar coating and pulled the rolls out of the oven when they were done baking. My son claims at this point he had forgotten all about the salt in the powdered sugar… *Rolls eyes and smiles* We prep the rolls with the coating and let them cool for a few moments, then we serve them up to everyone.

Oh, the horror of that first bite! Everyone was very excited for the homemade cinnamon rolls, so we all took a very big first bite, we sat there for a moment with a look of confusion on our faces then looked down at the rolls on our plate. My daughter let hers, roll out of her mouth and back on to her plate, the utter disgust written all over her little face. ” YUCK!!!” she exclaimed very loudly. “Mom these are terrible!” I shook my head in agreement as I tried to swallow it down quickly, I took a sip of my coffee to try and wash the taste out of my mouth. “I agree, what happened?” I got up from the dining room table and went back into the kitchen to try and figure out what had happened, why these were so terrible. As I go into the kitchen and look over all the ingredients, I hear a small laughter building into a full on laughing explosion. My youngest pipes up and yells “April Fools, finally got you!”

I come back around the corner with the bag of powdered sugar in my hand and look at everyone. “What did you do?”

He laughs and smacks his hand on the table “I put salt in the powdered sugar, on April Fools… I thought I would prank you.”

At this point what could we do but laugh, we all laughed, my husband stopped eating the cinnamon rolls. “Honey, were you still eating those, to be nice?” I ask him and he just smiles at me in return. I walk back into the kitchen and toss out the bag of powdered sugar.

I ask my son ” Did you only taint one bag with salt or was it both?” his laughter gets even bigger then he responds through his wild giggles ” I think it was only one.”

Needless to say, I tossed out both of the bags that day, and we threw away the rest of the cinnamon rolls because they were so salty even our dog would not eat them! His siblings have yet to let him forget The Great Cinnamon Roll Disaster. I can only imagine when it comes time for them to find their own families in life that this will be one of the stories they tell about him, among some of the other pranks he has attempted to pull over the years.

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