Homeowner Woes

Where do I start?

We moved into our home in August of 2017, my husband got a new job in a new city. To begin with we decided to rent from the current owner until we could buy it from him.

Since moving in we have had a lot of issues with the house, but we decided to purchase it in May of 2018 because the location of the home was perfect for commute for my husband and the neighborhood is a good one to raise our three children.

Now, since purchasing the home we have had the roof replaced, new gutters put on the home, the water main out front fixed, electrical on the septic tank fixed, replaced toilet parts, updating lighting, painted, patched and updating areas of the house. We had planned to do small updates here and there to make sure the home not only looked nice but functioned better for us as a family. Which cleared out our savings to do all those repairs.

So let me tell you what happened on November 12th…

On Nov 12th, just before thanksgiving… we were about to head to bed when we noticed something very odd. Our living room flooring was having water seep up from under it in large sections. You could step down on it and the water would just ooze up from underneath the floorboards. To our dismay it was not just in one area of the living room either, as we looked around we saw more and more areas that were damaged. So we began the painstaking process of removing the flooring and the wood paneling off the walls in the room.

This is when the real shock came, there was water damage all under the paneling in the room, mold had started to grow in some areas and all of this damage… where was it coming from? We had no clue, it had rained outside for about a week, maybe it was from the rain? Maybe it was the pipes that had started to leak, we had just had one repaired out in the front yard.

I got up in the morning and called a plumber, they came out and got on the phone with a leak detection team and a waterproofing company. We opened a claim with the insurance, hoping it would be the plumbing issue and that we could have it covered by insurance. They came out and looked around, they tried to find anything that would be covered by insurance, anything… They couldn’t.

It turns out it was not the plumbing, so now it was up to us to try and figure out where the water was coming from. But to our luck, it had stopped raining and we would have to wait for it to start to rain again before we could pinpoint where all the water was coming from.

We completely ripped up all the flooring in the room and the padding ran fans for three days and sprayed it all down with a 50/50 mix of water and bleach to help kill off all the mold.

We hung a plastic curtain up to help with the loss of heat we are now experiencing from the bare flooring and cracks in the living room. And to our surprise, it started raining again, and we decided it was time to hunt down those leaking areas.

So we got down on the cold concrete in the living room on our hands and knees with a flashlight. It turns out there are 7-8 different points of entry for the water coming in. It explains why the room flooded the way it did.

Now, our insurance has denied the claim, stating that it is flood water from outside, and they will not cover any outside water coming inside unless it was sewage. So we are stuck trying to figure out how to renovate and waterproof the room so it never happens again. We have three companies coming out to assess the damage and they deal strictly with foundation repair and waterproofing.

I worry that we won’t be able to repair this financially and we need help since neither our homeowner’s insurance nor our home warranty will cover anything.

I am starting a fundraiser on gofundme for $7,000 to help cover the repair of the foundation, the waterproofing outside and inside, the repair and replacement of the flooring, the removal and repositioning of a 3,000 lb gun safe, and the repair and replacement of the walls in the room. i will link that below.


Any little bit will help and will be greatly appreciated by my family.
Oh and we still have to get through Christmas and everyone’s birthdays at the beginning of the year.

I am including photos and videos of the damages:

the damages: 

Current status of the living room area, that is me speaking on the video.




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