Weird Dreams Are Weird

Ever have one of those dreams where you wake up and you sit there for a moment trying to figure out why your brain decided to create it? I have had many dreams over the years that have been perplexing, to say the least, and some that are just weird and at times hilarious.

My most recent weird dream started out with me doing errands, not weird it is something I as a mom do. I had finished up my errands and was going to pick up some food for my family at a drive-through.  I pull up to the line and wait in my truck, as I am sitting there I have my window partially down so I can hear the drive-through operator talk to the customer in front of me. All of the sudden I hear the customer ahead of me in line say “Yes, I want a small drink and a small PUG.”

I shake my head and quickly look back at the drive-through menu, surely they can not be “serving pugs!”  I skim across the menu and see something rather interesting posted on the menu, it reads ‘ADOPTION DAY, if you would like to adopt one of our pugs, please tell us what size you would like and we will hand you an adoption form at the window.”

I think to myself ‘That’s kinda weird and cool.” The lady in front of me finishes up her order and is instructed to pull forward to pay for her order. It is now my turn to pull up to the board and place my order. “How can we help you?” female voice chimes in from the speaker. I think for a moment and then respond ” I would like 5 burgers, 5 fries, and 5 drinks…” I pause for a moment “Oh, and I would like a pug.” I wonder if they have more options on these pugs they are adopting out, then the voice chimes back in ” Okay I have 5 burgers, 5 fires, 5 drinks, and a pug, would you like as mall or medium size pug with your order?” I think it over quickly and respond ” A medium pug please.” I watch the order board compile my order on the screen and read over it to ensure that the order is correct.

Apparently even in my dreams, I am worried about someone messing up our order. The voice chimes in once more ” Okay, that will be $33.50, please drive to the window to pick up your adoption form and fill it out.” I put the truck in drive and proceed to the window, I am then handed the adoption form for the pug and see the names of several that are up for adoption, I scan over the names and look for a female one, seeing as we have two female dogs at home already. I land on Lola, and then check it off as the one that I am most interested in. I complete the paperwork and drive to the next window.  Upon arriving at the window I hand them the papers and my money to pay for the transaction. The drive-through operator looks over the paperwork and then back at me “Oh I am sorry Lola was already adopted but we have one little girl left, would you like her instead, she hasn’t been picked yet because she is a black one and she has this weird thing where her tongue hangs out to the side, like all the time.”I smile at her and ask to see this little one who has not been placed with a home yet, she brings the puppy to the window and says “Her name is Rogue.” I laugh and reach my hands forward stating “She is perfect!” I have a soft spot for animals that are unique and a bit quirky they fit right into our family the best. The lady hands me Rogue and I situate her on my front seat next to me.  Rogue sniffs around the seat for a moment while we wait for the food to be handed to us, “Ma’am can you pull up and wait next to the door your food will be out shortly.” I pull up to the spot as directed and stare at this cute little pup sitting next to me. The pup stares back then all of the sudden climbs into my lap and gives me kisses, she too felt like it was love at first sight. I wrap my sweater around her and she curls up safely inside it, our food is brought out to us and I put it in the back seat in hopes the puppy won’t be tempted to get some of her own. I secure the drinks, then put the truck in drive and make my way back home.


And that is where the dream ended, I woke up and sat on the edge of my bed for a moment and the one thing that came to my mind was this  ‘Drive-through pugs?!?! Why pugs? I am not a huge fan of smaller dogs.’ I honestly still can not think of a reason why I had this dream. It doesn’t really make sense to me personally and doesn’t really have anything to do with what was going on in my life… There was not really anything to process. I am just chalking it up to one of those weird dreams and calling it good. What do you all think? LOL

Till next time,



Here is a picture of what I imagine “Rogue” to look like.

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