Ever heard the phrase “Believe Nothing You Hear, and Only One Half That You See.”, it is one of those things that for most make you pause and think for a bit. Is what this person saying to me the truth? Is what I saw the whole truth? Sometimes, we do not pause long enough to make those full and complete thoughts, to fully look at the situation, those words said, and how it was said, sometimes the words conceal a great many things that they should not.  Should we not be more like nature herself and reveal more about ourselves? Should we not show others around us how we feel, say how we really feel and only at times when it is needed conceal things like hurt and loss.

We have to reveal our truths with care, for concealing things too long can create more issues that weren’t there, to begin with.  We should teach our new generations it is okay to reveal yourself to the world even when you feel like concealing your beauty from everyone, let it shine and let your voice ring of truth.

My kids often hide their feelings when they are upset, they don’t want me to worry… Silly kids, it’s my job as a mother to worry. I teach them to be open with me, that they can tell me anything and everything, I also tell them that I may not always agree with what is said but that is okay because we are all different people with different thoughts.  Just like there are many things in nature that are complex in their construction and beauty, we are all different and beautiful in our own ways.


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