Great things

Great things take time:

Great things take time; this statement could not be any truer than saying we need air to breathe.

So many of us in life tend to want things instantly, I think it is because of the instant gratification that much of our technology today gives us. There are thousands if not millions of things that are able to be produced in an instant, and we do not give it much thought or even a passing glance.

Key things in our lives, however, like love, patience, kindness, acceptance, forgiveness, and understanding often time much more time to develop and learn. It is with these things that we can forge some of the greatest things in our lives. Like a long lasting relationship, friendships, and a healthy outlook on life. These things allow us to be better people, a better community, and leave behind a legacy that is worthy of the generations that come after us. Learning these things can take a person years or even a lifetime to even come close to the greatness the person wishes. Now, the road to these is not always an easy one, sometimes it is full of bumps, twists, and sometimes even dead ends. But, this does not mean we need to abandon these pertinent things in our lives; no, not at all. What this means is we have to strive to be better people, we have to put forth the effort and want to be better.

In achieving these things in life, we can not only better the future existence of those who come after us but we can better our everyday lives in so many ways. These key things carry over into all types of relationships, not just the ones we form in our close personal ones. They can carry over to our professional lives and academic lives as well.

For instance, knowing when to be patient with someone who is not up to speed or the understanding that you are will greatly relieve stress in many situations. Give them time to learn and grasp things that you may have picked up rather easily; in doing so you will forge a better professional relationship and have a stronger team because of it. Now, this does not mean you need to give them all the time in the world to be able to do certain tasks because letโ€™s face it sometimes we have deadlines we have to meet in life, a timeline that cannot be changed or altered. What it does mean is, offer them kindness, understanding, and if need be, allow yourself to be their teacher. If you cannot place yourself into a teaching role or find yourself struggling with this, you can always seek out someone else who is more skilled in doing so.

Another set of great things that take time are our dreams and goals we set for ourselves in life. Dare to dream, dare to create something for yourself in life and grab onto it. Now, these things do take time to bring that dream into reality, however, once you have achieved your dream with your hard work and persistence you can feel accomplished and in most instances, you will be happier with your life because all that hard work will have paid off with a positive outcome. Dreams and goals often take a lot of time to come into focus, they take time to build and pursue. So with a lot of things that take time, there will be setbacks, there will be some hurdles you have to overcome to achieve these. Do not get discouraged, do not let the hurdles become the only thing you can see, if you do so you will derail yourself for much longer than you need to. It is hard, I know, some hurdles and setbacks can seem often like they are too daunting to overcome. When you run into such an obstacle, take a step back, review your options and see if there is another way to approach your dreams and goals. Often, there is always another solution or a different path you can take to reach the same end result. It is hard to figure out what is the right way to do something when in truth there are many ways to do so.

So, take this with you, dare to dream, achieve the goals you set for yourself in life; whether it be personal or professional and take time to make sure you are learning to bring to life something that brings you joy and happiness. Do not focus on the obstacles or the bumps in the road that this existence can throw at you, but instead focus on the positive.

I will leave you with this thought for the day:
โ€œThe future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.โ€ โ€”Eleanor Roosevelt

Until tomorrow,


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