You know there used to be a time when if you needed anything, family & friends would come together and help out. Didn’t matter if they knew how to do something or not if you needed them they were there. I miss those days, I do! I can remember being little and family & friends would always come together for Holidays, for helping out, for just about anything you can think of. But it seems when you lose the glue that held that family together that it all somehow slips away. For us, our glue was my Grandparents and on the other side my Dad. Since they have passed away it is all we can to do hold what remains of our family together.

Every year when I was little it was a tradition that our family would gather at my grandparent’s house for all major holiday events and there was always a Sunday dinner ready and on the table for whoever wanted to come and just stay while. For Holidays it did not matter how far you lived away from them, you were expected to come and share the holiday with them. As time passed and we grew as a family that was still the tradition until my grandparent’s passed away. My husband and I then split our holidays between his father and my mother, one with each and then rotate the following year, this was the new tradition of ours until his father passed away. We have then since moved on to a different town and my mother to a different state, which somewhat complicates things, but we are still trying to maintain some of the key family traditions as best we can. Even though it seems like the glue to our family is very weak with each member we have lost over the years, we still cling to those we have left with hope. Hope that healing and love will bring back that closeness we once all shared.

I try to teach my kids that they are in this life together, that they will forever be in each other’s lives, for better or worse. Even if they annoy each other to no end, they should always … I mean ALWAYS be there for one another. That closeness should never be taken for granted. While I wish somethings were different for myself, I cannot change the way others act and or feel.

Hold on to your family, love them each day, be thankful they are with you and know, life is fleeting, we only get one … so make the best of it while you can and have no regrets.

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