There is no right or wrong way to grieve.


My family has suffered several losses over the years, two of which were suicides. It is a pain like no one can describe, it stays with us always, we have our good days living in their memories, and we have our bad days where the loss is so strong it makes it hard to breathe.

Now, I am not always the best at comforting people but I am good at advice and dealing with things, when others cannot, I am stronger than I should be in some cases. BUT this does not mean I do not feel, mourn, or even cry. I chose to deal with my pain differently. I do not focus on anniversaries of death, some people do, it is their way of healing. For ME [Personally], however, it is not healthy or conducive.

I celebrate the lives they lived, I tell stories about how they were when they were here, I look at their pictures, I listen to their favorite songs, cook their favorite foods, and wear something that reminds me of them. This is my coping, this is my way of healing, this is where I feel peace, find my will to move forward.

Everyone, yes everyone, deals with loss and death differently, there is no right or wrong way to do so.
Do remember though, if you can, that there are people there for you, you are not alone, you have a purpose for being here, with every beat of your heart and breath in your body; that purpose is confirmed.

Be kind to one another, do not judge others, for you do not know what their story has been or will be.


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