Mommmmmmm I lost the remote!

Here is a funny story for you, I am sure like many, your kids often lose things and claim that whatever it is cannot be found…

Well the other day our daughter misplaced the remote to the TV, she swore up and down she left it on the couch… Her youngest brother looked for it and yelled: ” I can’t find it you lost it!” She sighed and said, ” Mom can you find it.”

It is a thing in our household where “It’s not lost unless mom can’t find it.”

So I go on the hunt for the missing remote, we clean the entire living room in the process of me looking for it, right down to moving furniture and taking the cushions off of the couch and cleaning under those too.

I now have a really clean living room but the remote is nowhere to be found…

I suddenly have an idea ” Did you by chance go in your room at any time?” I ask my daughter.

She looks at me blankly for a moment then answers ” I might have?”

I open the door and go in her room, and sure enough the remote is on her dresser.

Our middle son looks at me and smiles then says to his siblings ” Told you, she would find it, now you two can stop arguing.”

I’d like to note, this is not the first time the remote has grown legs and walked offย ย LOL

Where are some weird places you have found things your children and or spouse have “LOST” something?


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